Olaplex 4 Shampoo

Olaplex 4 Shampoo

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Which hair type is it good for?

✔ Straight

✔ Wavy

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What it is:

A highly moisturizing, reparative shampoo that leaves hair easy to manage, shiny, and healthier with each use.


Highlighted Ingredients:

- Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate: Patented bond-building technology that rebuilds broken and weakened bonds.


Key benefits:

- Repairs and maintains bonds within the hair

- Eliminates frizz and flyaways

- Reduces breakage


Suggested Usage:

-Treat hair with Olaplex No. 3 (sold separately).

-Apply and massage product throughout hair.

-Rinse product from hair.

-Follow with Olaplex No. 5 Bond Maintenance™ Conditioner (sold separately).