Prices are all starting prices and do not include tax. For accurate pricing please book a consultation.



Haircut services include a consultation, shampoo, condition & blow-dry style.  
A La Carte Available.
Service time - 1-1.5 hour 
Short hair; up to chin length - 125
Mid length; above the chest - 130
Long hair; below chest - 135
Curly Cut $160
Dry cut: $80 *no blow dry or style. 30minute service. Please arrive with clean hair and minimal products , how you wear your hair on a daily basis.  
Curly dry cut: $120 * no blow dry or style. 30 minute service. Please arrive with clean hair, minimal products how you wear your hair daily. 
Wash + Blowout $85+
Wash + Blowout + Curl $90+
Curls only *no wash* $60

Color services

All color services include a blow-dry style.  
A La Carte available 
Regrowth Root coverage
8 weeks max growout from your last appointment.  Extra charges will occur per oz if roots are longer than 1". 
Applying color to new growth of an existing solid color or grey coverage only.  
* This pricing does not apply to bleach outs. *All prices are starting only. 
Service time - 2 hours
Short hair - $180+ 
Long hair - $210+ 
All over color - $280+
Full head solid color. Perfect service for virgin hair that would like to switch up their tones. or someone who would like to go darker.
This service is not a toner.
Toner - $175+
(includes blow dry)
Classic highlights /babylights
Service time – 3 - 5 hours 
Express faceframing highlight + toner 350+ 
A couple around the face and where you part your hair. 
“I’m on a tight schedule but need some brightness around the face”  "Money pieces"
Half Head Highlight + toner 380+ 
Around the face, full parting zone , nape hairline & crown. 
“ I like to wear my hair up & half up half down and need a tad more lightness within"
Full head of highlights + toner 450+
“I want it to look like I'm this color naturally all over” 
Back to back fine babylights throughout the full head. 

Full service   

All pricing under this section includes the following. All the products I need to recreate your inspiration look. Root melt, toners, low light, olaplex 1&2 , deep conditioning. Cut not included. 
This is non negotiable.
For more accurate pricing please book for a consultation. 
Natural Balayage 450+
1 to 3 levels lightner than your natural base color (only works with hair not color treated prior) 
Balayage/Foilyage 650+
Keeping it blended at the root with natural within, keeping balance of the depth throughout. Every piece of hair is hand painted. 
Balayage/Foilyage Ombre 800+ 
All your ends are light with a blended root. Every piece of hair is hair painted for longevity 
Bleach Root Touch Up 350+ 
This service is for maintence, 6 weeks max since the last appointment.
Anything longer than 1/2 inch is considered a double process. Longer roots of 2+ months will be considered correction work.
Global lightening and tone 700+ 
 Full head bleach and tone. Platinums, silvers, pastels, vivid colors.
Color Correction $130/hourly ..5 hour+ 650 minimum
Box colored hair. Uneven color correction.